CDC #’s Game (Why It’s A Big Loss…)

I don’t know if you caught this post on facebook on Friday by Marcella Piper-Terry (or you can visit her website  She took the numbers from the CDC’s report and did some calculating; and what she came up with was nothing short of frightening. Absolutely terrifying; if only a portion of her calculations are correct, then we have a huge, gynormous problem on our hands.

Over at the Caffeinated Autism Mom’s site, she wrote a post on the CDC’s numbers and at the end, one of the commenters left a lengthy question which she said she will answer sometime in the coming week, so look for a follow up on her site. Caffeinated Autism Mom: Autism Epidemic Anyone? **Part 1 Response **Part 2 Response

Wether you believe that vaccinations have an effect on the rate of autism, or not, the CDC report makes it clear that more and more children are being affected by something significant. And this can’t be attributed to “better diagnosing”. There is clearly something else at work here.

I sincerely hope that the US government does not continue to deny this public crisis.


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